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Allandale CC History

Around 1976/77 the Allandale Cricket Club was formed.  There was an abundance of players at the Diamond Harbour Cricket Club and Kaituna Cricket Club so the team was formed with the foundation of members from these two clubs and the Turner family.  The Turners offered a base of 5 players.  We quickly found further players in the Inner Harbour.  As the seasons advanced more Inner Harbour and town players chose to join, with many bringing families for a day out at the boutique ground of Allandale and other beautiful grounds around the Peninsula.


The team consisted of many branches of society with blue and white collar workers, students, academics and farmers, all gelling into a useful, happy and competitive team.


Humour was a passion with everyone.  Everything came together in the year of 1981-1982 season with the competition win of the Kinloch and Lavericks Cup.  There are so many tales like an ex-Army Sergeant Major playing for a season, also sad moments like losing stalwart John Utteridge to cancer.


Allandale had a unique camaraderie with one player even wanting to play in a grey jersey.  Having lent him a proper cream cricket jersey the owner is still waiting to get it back.  Great happiness and also sad times, good cricket, good friends and great memories - that was Allandale Cricket.

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