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PHCC Fixtures for 20th March.

Last game of the season. Well done on making it through.

Thanks to all you coaches for your excellent work.

Thanks to parents for support and transport.

PHCC Fixtures for 20th March.

0845 S1 away at Lincoln Domain Artificial 2 vs Lincoln CC S1 Red

0900 S3 GDH Maroon away at Brookside Park 4 vs Weedons S3 Keas

0900 S3 AK away at Brookside Park 3 vs Weedons S3 Eagles

0900 S3 LR at home at Ataahua, Kaituna vs Weedons S3 Kakapos

0900 S4 AK away at Lincoln High School 1 vs Lincoln CC S4 Green

0900 S4 GDH Blue at home at Diamond Harbour School vs Tai Tapu Cricket S4 Yellow

0900 S4 DH away at Lincoln Primary School 1 vs Lincoln S4 Challenge Lincoln

0900 S4 LR away at Rhodes Park Domain Tai Tapu 4 vs Tai Tapu CC S4 Orange

0900 S2 GLR away at Weedons Domain 2 vs Weedons S2 Mambas

0900 S2 DH at home at Stoddart Point Reserve, Diamond Harbour vs S2 LR (Club Derby)

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