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The Mighty Johnstone

PHCC and Little River's Harry Johnstone played for the Canterbury Country Show Weekend Representative Tournament Team Purple and bowled a reasonably decent enough there or there abouts spell. In a two over spell Harry took 1 wicket, gave up 1 run and bowled a maiden. When not tearing it up for the Canterbury Country representative side Harry plays for the PHCC Section 1 team where in 4 innings he has score 61 runs with an average of 20 and a high score of 24 not out. His bowling for the PHCC has him with 7 wickets taken and 63 runs conceded with best of 3/13. He gets an economy rate of 3.94 and a strike rate of 14 balls between wickets. Harry currently sits second in the MVP ranking for all the players in the Section 1. #mightyjohnstone. Harry moves on to high school at the end of this half season.

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